Saturday, February 14, 2009

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The new king of America, Barack Obama is faced with the challenge of rescuing the American economy from the bottom of the ocean to the surface. The United States economy is drowning with unemployment at 7.6 % and double digits in some states. The American economy is in a state of recession, and the collective mind of the general public is called in to provide their input to stimulate the economy.

The stimulus package of approximately 800 billion dollars, hoping to jumpstart the economy may or may not be enough to get the ball rolling. The republicans debate that the amount is too high, while the democrats debate that the amount is too low. The republicans want more tax cuts, while the democrats are debating in favor of construction projects that may bring more jobs into the United States. Both agree on one point something has to be done and done fast, for the USA ship is drowning. While congress debates the pros and cons, all minds are called to the deck, and I will provide my input from a spiritual point of view.

There are three primary universal forms of energies that all life depends on as noted in the book The Trinity of Lights, by Ken Nunoo. These energies are: energies of sound, energies of light, and energies of mind. Energies of sound range from speech, music, sound in general, clouds, gases, food, buildings, human bodies, and all that is tangible and physical on earth. Energies of light range from fire, light, color, heat, sunlight, stars, moons, electronics, and all that is dependent on the electron and goes through the eyesight. Energies of mind range from, life, health, education, books, reading materials, spirituality, magnetism, motion, thoughts, ideas, emotion, love and all things that has their source in the mind and that stimulate the mind. These three primary forms of energies are what an individual or a nation deals with daily.

Energy, as explained by Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and physics can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from state to another. Nature perpetuates itself by recycling it’s energies. Plants depend on minerals from the soil, the animals eat the plants, human beings eat the animals, and human beings die and go back into the soil, the perfect cycle in nature.

The economy of a nation is a combination of the use and balancing of the energies within the country. Whatever is manufactured from within the country, whether they are cars, computers, food, buildings, clothes or other tangibles, it is a use of the energies of sound, light, and of mind.

When a nation manufactures more products than can be consumed by the general public, most of the excess goes to waste, just as cooking more than one can eat, and the excess ends up in the garbage. When a few individuals are extremely rich and has more than they can consume, most of the excess goes to waste. The United States is known to dump more food into the garbage than any nation on the planet.

The economy as it is now is nature’s way of slowing down the USA from wasting nature’s resources. Nature makes the effort to maintain an even balance of the well being of all persons on the planet, and we can assist nature in doing so by exporting our excess to nations and individuals in need, such as in Africa, India, and other parts the world.

There was a time when Egypt was the most prosperous nation on earth, and many travelled to Egypt for a better way of life. Their lifestyle eventually caused an imbalance in nature’s resources on the planet and nature had to step in to restore balance. It resulted in what was known as the seven years of plenty, and seven years of famine. My advise to those in the United States to get into their closets and donate their excess and unused products to individuals that may be in need within the United States and in other countries. This process will assist nature in a quicker redistribution of nature’s resources and energies. Nature will in turn re-direct energies form those countries and individuals in various way back to the United States.

This concept is rooted in the mystical law of compensation as noted by the philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. He postulated that, to every loss there is a gain, and to every gain there is a loss, and nature maintains a balance in all things. It is the old biblical concept of giving alms to the poor and you will receive blessings in return. By alleviating the burden of others you will reduce your own burden. The collective efforts of all persons within the United States is a called in to this task. Send one dollar to someone who does not even know you that you think may be in need, and a blessing will come to you back in return from the law of compensation. If you want to quickly get God’s attention, send your donation to a child, or to a person that does some kind of spiritual work. The person that does spiritual work prays often, and their prayers transform spiritual energies back into material energies at a fast rate, which goes back to the person they received the donation from. This process is automatically built within nature’s laws of compensation, the perfect recycling of spiritual energies into material energies, and material energies into spiritual energies. This is the root of the law of compensation as stated by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and also known to the mystics as the law of AM RA. Chant of the third flame

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Beth, Resh, Kaph, Tau BARAKATA… May blessing be upon you.
Ken Nunoo

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